Artist Intention: Yoniopus

Yoni / yo-ni /ˈyōnē, [Sanskrit < Ancient]:

Source, origin, entryway.
The original animating principle.
Union with the true self.
The pearl in the lotus of the jeweled gate.
Divine universal womb.
Creative essence of all life.
Vagina, vulva, labia, womb. Sacred space.

The motivation of my work on Yoniopus is to honor and exalt the Yoni. I wish to focus on the source we all have in common and to amplify it. I make no attempt to be reductionist or deconstruct the female. The Yoni is infinite and eternal. I am humbled by that presence – so ultimate, so intimate.

Sacred geometry is integral to the Yoni and is a mathematical formula of existence. It is an essential element of the value of Pi and Phi. It is the power of natural law, seen in the visica pisces. It is present everywhere as is the ‘golden section’. Every circle has a circumference, diameter and radius. The ratio of relationship to each other is the value of Pi (3.1415…). Pi is infinite…eternal….forever. Everything is round. Whenever two circles come together they make the shape of the Yoni. The circle represents the sun, earth, moon, planets, wheels, clocks, wedding rings, etc., etc. The circle has no beginning and no end. Time and space themselves are round. The music of the spheres, orbs within orbs, all spinning, all the time, and they all move in spirals. It is the shape that proliferates and permeates the cosmos from atoms to galaxies. It is the shape of cells, eggs, seeds, flowers, shells and stars. It is the sacred space. The Yoni can never truly be possessed. Like quantum particles, it is everywhere and nowhere, all at once. The Yoni is a portal through the great paradox. It is a window to another dimension – a vehicle to other planes of existence.

It is the essential issue of being in the human body.  The force that brought us into the world is the force to which we return. One would think that a culture so preoccupied with sex would have many words of honor for the Yoni, yet in America, most all of the names for the Yoni are derogatory, repugnant, clinical, or sterile – rarely glorious or poetic. It is not possible for Yoni to be under the authority of religious morals or ethics. We all started out as female for the first several weeks in the womb.

The Yoni is the most desirable and most forbidden of all precious things. The first artifacts of human design date from 30,000 B.C. and are portrayals of the Yoni. The most represented theme in art is the human body, especially the female form. To be obsessed or to worship something is a human creation. The Yoni is not a human creation, rather it is a divine gift to humanity that creates all life. Yoni is more a matter of transcendence and supreme reverence – the way to union with the life force. The cosmic dance is forever.


Alchemy is the ancient scientific art which transforms matter through a spiritual and scientific process according to the laws of nature. The purpose is to purify, transmute and conduct particular energies and substances for the healing and evolution of consciousness. The effect takes place on every level of matter, sub-atomic, atomic, molecular, elemental, cellular, biological, and beyond. The same laws govern to microcosm and the macrocosm. Alchemy confirms that the natural laws apply both to matter and to the human soul. A tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom is required to practice alchemy.

The alchemist is one who has transformed himself through the alchemy of the Self. This transformation requires the transmutation of opinions, theories and deductions into experience, knowledge and wisdom, before it can be applied to matter. The art of alchemy is attained only through the grace of God and self-dedication. The alchemist knows how to transmute and project his own inner electricity thereby raising, in accordance, the vibrations of the preparations. A perfect synthesis of physics and metaphysics is required. The information to begin research and development of Atlantium was received by Richard Morrow in 1983. He has since been working with the manifold powers of Atlantium.

The Nature of Atlantium

            Atlantium consists of pure gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium and quartz crystal. It is solid 9 karat gold. The amount of each metal is in Harmonic proportions.

Gold is the only yellow metal known to man. Copper is the only red metal. Every other known metal is either black or white or gray (or is a mixture of metals called an alloy.) Silver, platinum and palladium are white metals. All of these metals have very unusual properties. Platinum and palladium are catalysts (they remain the same while everything they touch changes). Combined with hydrogen, they create fusion (not fission). The power of platinum and palladium to transform and transmute, combined with the abilities of quartz (silica) to transmit information, are then merged with gold, copper and silver to make. Resulting in a practical, usable, durable and beautiful metal alloy for jewelry, technology, and the healing skills.

The elements, equations, information and procedures of Atlantium are all based on sacred geometry and alchemical principles, it is created only during moments of the Galactic Window, such as eclipses, solstices, equinoxes and other times when celestial influence is at optimum cause and effect.

The properties of Atlantium include many frequencies which “science” has yet to identify or has withheld from public view. The time is now for these frequencies can be used to our advantage.

Atlantium is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine creative energies, a resonator and amplifier of energy, it is a catalyst for Stellar-tap energy, the resonant wave of the spheres. It is auto-assimilative, geo-magnetic, and chrono-active, which is to say that it corresponds with the person, place and time of its intended use. It enhances bio-chemical frequencies, having the ability to assist in accelerating the vibratory rate of those in touch with it.

It helps to clear and purify the chaotic waves of the mind, body and soul. It focuses and concentrates coherent energy wherever you place it. Atlantium vibrations can be absorbed through pure conductive media, such as waters, oils, or other liquids for your personal use. It is piezo-electromagnetic and conductive of many other universal life forces of creative energy. It is affected by light, color, sound, temperature, and may apparently change its own color from time to time. As such, Atlantium Gold is considered an activation alloy. Be reminded: As you are one with the Creator, you are always the greatest power you know.

You may call or write to us to arrange a time and place to introduce you to Atlantium Alchemical Gold-The Activator. We also offer experiential workshops. Atlantium is now available publicly as jewelry of various shapes and sizes, according to the sensitivity of the user. Special orders can be taken.

Equilibrium Gold


Equilibrium is made of equal parts of five pure metals:

Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Copper and Silver

and comes in several colors and karat values:

Equilibrium:    15 Karat Blue Gold – Made in any karat or color

Harmonium:     13 Karat Red Gold

Trinium:           9 Karat Yellow Gold

Electrium:         1 Karat White Gold


The amounts of each metal used are in harmonic proportions and pure quartz is added to the alloy.

It was invented in 1983 by Richard Morrow


Gathered from Sacred Sites around the globe, these thirteen dirt’s were mixed together during a total lunar eclipse. Perfect Prayer Procedure was use.

Africa-Egypt, Great Pyramid Cheops, King’s Chamber

Australia-Uluru, Ayer’s Rock

Asia-India, Bodhagaya, Bodhi Tree

Europe-England, Glastonbury Tor

Central America-Mexico Chichen Itza Jaguar Chamber

North America-New Mexico Chaco Canyon, Sun Dagger

North America-Arizona, Sedona Cathedral Rock

South America-Peru, Lake Titicaca, Island of The Sun

Pacifica-Hawaii Haleakala Crater

Outer-Space Meteorite, Indochinite Tectite

Lightening Strike Sand, Fusinium


Wheels within wheels, macrocosm, microcosm, electron ring, sacred hoop, time tunnel

orbitronic sphere, globe, ion, cross, axis, masculine, feminine, horizon, target, sight,

navigator, center, partial, mariner, four directions, wheel of fortune.

Gaia mother, goddess, genesis, eclipse, alignment, infusion, procreation, key, orb, orbit, radius, pl,

sphere, radar, time blossom

Infinity, staff, wand, crosses, arrow, timestream, masculine, feminine, polority, DNA/RNA, union of opposites,

transplosion, time space, still point, direction, trajectory, momentum.

Cross four directions, cardinal points, spinning wheel, grid, still point, parallel dimension, intersection, reflection.

Spiral coil, whirlpool, helix, serpent, continuum, time/space portal, dreamspell, question mark, the quest, solution,

brain, spine, heart-mind, chakras, vortex.

Crescent, womb, cup, vessel, protection, eclipse, halo, chalice, grail, giving and receiving, flower, naja, ripple, blossom.

Comet, supernova, seven ray sun, the Pleiades, spiral, spark of life, big bang, transplosion whirlpool, vortex

Flashpoint, unity, spontaneity, simultaneity, reflection, sunburst, transplosion, time stream– time line.

Creation, resurrection ascension, structure, the cross of three Mary’s, key, hole.

Trinity, transformation, metamorphosis, information, sacred geometry, markaba, eclipse, golden section, dimension, evolution.

transformation, metamorphosis, information, sacred geometry, markaba, eclipse, golden section, dimension, evolution.

Feather, Yoni, flame, source, vision, smile, breath, whales eye, attraction, point of origin, magnetic, resonance, visca Pisces.

Lightning, energy, waves, flame, flash, touch, idea, illumination, acceleration.

Ankh, resurrection, perpetuity, life, tear, eye, union, immortality.

Sensual fusion, dimensional grid, pi, focus halo, source, orbit, ions, gravity, invisibility, unification, motion,

formula, organization, genesis.

Heart, essence, life, love, core center, energy, pulse, rhythm, circulation, courage, sincere, emotions, affection