richard morrow
“Angel”, acrylic on canvas, 36×24

Richard Morrow is a prolific artist who works on multiple surfaces with diverse array of materials. He has been passionate about exploring his imagination through a myriad of art mediums his entire life. His travels and life experiences have provided many forms of inspiration that have been expressed in his paintings, jewelry, sculpture, writings, inventions, costumes, performances and dances. His ability to manifest what he sees into artistic reality make Richard a uniquely gifted Imagineer of our time.

Richard made his first piece of jewelry (earrings) at age 9, and began as an apprentice to be a master goldsmith in 1971. He has mastered multiple forms of metal work and casting during his career of working with fine jewels, metals and exotic alloys of his own invention. He has become known for his fascination with customizing exotic insects, preparing them to become integral parts of his jewelry design. (Jewel beetles are among the most precious of all ornaments, and in many cultures are symbols of immortality, fertility and longevity.)

His sculpture can only be described as limitless in its imagination and design. He has developed special product lines that study multiple subjects from sacred symbols, to fractal crop circles, to custom painted spiritual symbol tiles, to multiple works of art and writings surrounding his life’s work (opus) of honoring, exploring and understanding the power of  the Yoni – known as Yoniopus.

Richard is the father of two beautiful daughters and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.